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This design symbolizes the basic teaching goals at Jeng Academic Center, which can be illustrated as follows:

D : Deep understanding

C : Clear Thinking


O : Orderly Mind

These three abilities are meant to lead you to yet three more objectives:

I : Intelligence/Intellect (without knowledge of the world and oneself becomes evasive...)

: Virtue (without which intellect withers into barren dryness)

: Wisdom (without which words and deeds remain separated and true happiness remains an empty dream...)

Jac circle logo gold.png

     Jeng Academic Center is a learning center that offers tutoring help for students of all ages, from elementary school through college and adult education. Dr. De-Yin Jeng and his dedicated staff provide a positive and focused learning environment where students can learn, grow, and fully achieve their academic goals.

     Dr. Jeng’s teaching philosophy is based on the understanding that intelligence, or academic excellence, alone is not sufficient in satisfying the intellectual, mental, and spiritual needs of young minds. Young students are endowed with latent intellectual and spiritual needs yearning to be guided and helped, usually first through academic achievement, followed by a healthy growth and fostering of their active minds. Young students are naturally thirsty for meaning and value in life, and academic excellence is only the first step in directing their minds. For this reason intelligence is seen as the primary means with which clear, critical thinking skills can be acquired. Armed with high intelligence, young students will be better able to make the best judgment for their lives. The three teaching goals highlighted by Dr. Jeng are a habit of clear thinking, orderly mind, and deep understanding of all subjects studied. These three traits pave the way to further development of intelligence, cultivation of virtues, and attainment of wisdom, which are considered as the sources of happiness and meaning in life. When all teaching and learning are properly done and achieved between a student and a teacher, both the student and the teacher feel a profound sense of contentment, pleasure, and delight.

     Test prep courses at JAC include SAT I, SAT II Math, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, and AP Calculus. The SAT I package is a rigorous 9-week program with two full-length practice exams and one full-day lecture per week. JAC math classes range from 5th grade level to college-level calculus. Group lessons as well as private tutoring are available, by request. Each student receives individual attention and tutoring guidance based on his or her particular needs, resulting in very high success rates since JAC’s establishment in 2004.

     JAC also offers a wide variety of English and writing courses. Divided into levels from grade school through high school, JAC’s course materials teach reading comprehension, writing skills, grammar study, and developing other skills essential for effective reading. A separate English class created especially for adults includes business writing and critical reading in the curriculum.

   Every summer, JAC holds an exciting science camp program dedicated to children in grades 3-9. Each session involves numerous in-class projects designed to engage students in learning about various aspects of science, including gravity, energy, magnetism, and principles of basic chemistry. The program emphasizes safe, hands-on activities that students can experience in the classroom, often in the form of on site demonstrations and projects they can enjoy building themselves.


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