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Jeng Academic Center, Inc.

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 SAT/ACT Test Prep

English, Math, AP Class tutoring for Grades 3 - 12 


Our Dreams and Ideals for a New Generation

      Such new generation as we envision are sincere and mature individuals with broad, unbiased philosophical and historical outlook, keen in aesthetic senses, noble in character and literary tastes, able to pass on the treasures of traditional heritages, and courageous in exploring the future world. He has a sound mind in a sound body. He is well trained in math, science, and computer languages, or in any other knowledge that enables him to embrace and participate in a new world. He understands that becoming a good human being is not a Quixotic dream, nor a philosophical hypothesis, but a realistic indicator of anyone with a rich mental life.

      He is accustomed to clear thinking, has a sense of purpose in his life, and feels spiritually fulHilled. He is not easily swayed by the outside world; he lives a harmonious inner life, and places meaning and value above all worldly pursuits. He stresses spiritual harmony and happiness as much as he does the enterprise, he finds himself engaging in the outside world. 

      When he is capable, he takes immense delight in contributing what he has to the world; meanwhile, he understands the profound pleasure of solitude. In a word, he has cosmic compassion for humanity, loves sunshine, truth, knowledge, wisdom, and above all, he embraces life with sincere gratitude and unswerving passion.

Our Mission

      Our mission is to inspire in every student a passion for learning and to cultivate in him a habit of clear thinking. Our courses are designed to help students achieve their immediate academic goals, such as mastering reading and writing skills, becoming proficient in math, passing an AP class, or getting accepted into a prestigious university; however, we also teach them to recognize these achievements as mere stepping stones toward a lifelong intellectual growth.

      We aspire to educate a new generation of young people armed with a solid background in humanities, mathematics, and science through a curriculum based on classical literature, philosophy, and other resources customized into course materials by Dr. De-Yin Jeng.