Dear Parents,

Session (I): June 8 - June 26, 2020

Session (II): June 29, July 17, 2020

Session (III): July 20 - August 7, 2020


Finally, the 2020 Summer Program at JAC is ready for your information.


In the past decade, JAC’s summer program has been announced early in the year, ready for students’ enrollment by the end of February, with registration taking place in March and April. Most enrollments would have been completed by the end of May, then we would simply wait for the arrival of summer in June to kick off the program.


Not this year.


Covid-19 has changed the world profoundly, a change that we believe will be long lasting. In response to the unexpected impact brought about by the pandemic outbreak, we have made an equally drastic change to our summer program this year.


What lies behind the change is the guideline of (1) multiple subjects and (2) classes of the highest quality made available to our students. Even if remote learning becomes the only option, we do not want t our students’ learning experiences to be compromised.


For this reason, we have prepared 40 different courses for our students to choose from. Each class is offered with the intellectual development and academic needs of our students in mind. To help you choose among such variety, I have highlighted some courses to help you pick the class you think will best benefit your children. Each introductory highlight is preceded by the course number shown in the table given below.


Courses(1)(7)(16)continue our long tradition of starting each summer morning with poetry recitation, calligraphy, and handwriting practice. We believe penmanship ties closely to a student’s sense of beauty, his/her motor skills, and brain development. We simply believe it is good for all students to practice good penmanship while they are young.


Course(2)is a lively math program to enliven the 3rd and 4th graders’ enjoyment of solving math problems.

Courses(3) (14)(23) are public speech and debate classes to be taught by our distinguished debate teacher Ms. Erika Ahn, whose debate team has won numerous debate competitions. 


Courses(4),(12),(21)are special English writing classes with focus on writing outlines and summary, as well as applying narratives and descriptive writing skills to literature, science, and history.


Courses(6)(13)(22)are the main theme of this summer: Shakespeare. We have prepared three different classes to fit students of different grade levels. The purpose of this theme is to introduce the students to the literary world of Shakespeare by becoming familiar with his plays and to memorize some famous lines from the Bard’s works.


Course(9)provides a must for all students to deepen their understanding of Greek mythology, which is the eternal source of many literary works and an indispensable part of cultural literacy. Our experience showed that Geek mythology has been one of the most favorite subjects among 5th and 6th graders.


Courses (10)(19)(26)are new science classes offered for the first time at JAC and are highly recommended by Dr. Jeng. The course contents for this class are the result of the collaboration between the renowned author Joy Hakim and John Hopkins university. The purpose of this course is to pass on the torch of scientific inquisition so that today's students will become tomorrow's engineers and scientists, joining the march of science exploration to a world wider, fuller, and better.


Course (11) is a fascinating class to enter the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, his life and ideas, through a series of twenty some activities that the students can do at home. It will be taught by Ms. Jenny Chong, herself a lover of art history who actually took a class about Da Vinci during her college years in Columbia University.


Course(15)is yet another interesting class for those curious about exploring the life and ideas of the star gazer Galileo. It is most suitable to pique your children’s interest in astronomy.


Course (20) is a class most suitable for 7th and 8th graders who have never learned sentence diagramming. Why study sentence diagramming? We consider sentence diagramming to be of importance in forming the analytical habit essential to close reading.  “It’s all Greek to Me” intends to brush up the students’ knowledge of classics and to acquaint them with the literature, history, and philosophy of ancient civilization.  


Course(27), though designed for 9th and 10th graders, will be equally good for advanced 8th graders who have not been tutored in the practice of rigorous academic essay writing. There are so many tidbits of things to know that students often face academic writing with frustration. It does not have to be this way. This course is designed to provide detailed instruction on formal essay formats, punctuation rules, and all other things related to essay writing.


Courses(30)&(38)are two new classes offered for the first time at JAC, with emphasis on the Theory of Knowledge generally taught in IB curriculum, but not in AP classes. We believe it is essential that all students learn to think critically by asking the basic questions of “How do we know?” 


Course(37)is the college essay class taught by Dr. Jeng. There are only 8 slots available for students this year, and four slote have bene taken as of May 8, 2020. As of May 10, only four more slots are available.


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